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A Little Mouse in a Huge World

A vision dance – five people who are living in recovery from stroke explore the impact of their condition on vision. A simple dance reveals many hidden challenges.

I Look for the Think

Imagining life after stroke during lockdown. A 12 minute online opera from Rosetta Life Stroke Ambassadors and Garsington Opera Adult Community Company. Composer Orlando Gough. Libretto by Lucinda Jarrett and Chris Rawlence, from the words and experiences of the Stroke Community, who also perform.


A much loved cat called Choochi is all the more treasured during lockdown.

Produced with a group of people living with the effects of a stroke in London, this film explores the challenges of lockdown and how our pets have helped us  cope with its stresses.  Music by Jules Maxwell.

Learn from Us

Thoughts about what matters in life from People living with Brain Injury.

Produced in partnership with Headway West London, this film invites us to learn from those who have had their lives changed by brain injury,  and to face a life with a pandemic with optimism and resilience.  Song composed by Orlando Gough.

Through the Window

Produced and made with a group of people living with the effects of a stroke in North London, this film invites us simply to find a response to the pandemic by looking through the windows. Music made by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian with recordings from all participants

Zig Zag

March 2020. Rosetta Life and Bristolians living with Stroke devise a show inspired by their stroke stories and perform it in on the Stroke of Bristol, Southmead, Hospital, and nearby Greenway Community Centre.

The Stroke Ambassadors rehearse their new show for the Uk Stroke Forum Conference in Telford, Dec 2019

Journey to a Word

Stroke Survivors share their personal journeys on the road to recovery through dance and song.

Dream a Difference

Royal Albert Hall, 18 March 2019. School children from across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire connect chorally with young communities in Gaza, Damascus, Dhaka and Kampala. Composer and MD Hannah Conway, Director Karen Gillingham, Libretto by Lucinda Jarrett and Chris Rawlence from skypes with the global participants. A four minute clip.

The Stroke Ambassadors

Stroke Survivors tell how their lives have been transformed by joining the Stroke Odysseys project. Meet our proud Stroke Ambassadors advocating for life after stroke.

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