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Rosetta Life – 2022

A short film that showcases the amazing projects we have produced with our Brain Ambassadors partners through 2022

1. The Early Years

When Andrew was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago his wife Cath committed herself to the primary carer role. Life was fine for a few years. In fact they found they had more quality time together…

Breaking Point

One day Cath realised she just couldn’t go on. She told Andrew she was leaving him, for someone else. He was devastated at first. But then he began to see things differently. Perhaps some good could come out of this tough situation?

Pirate’s Castle

Stroke stories enacted by people in recovery. North London Stroke Odysseys

Stroke Odysseys UK Tour 2018

Rosetta Life Stroke Ambassadors describe the experience of performing their own stroke stories on the main stage at Garsington Opera.

A Newfound Mind

Rosetta Life Brain Odysseys Ambassadors perform their journey of recovery live on stage, October 19, 2022.

Weather the Storm

An opera from Rosetta Life Odysseys Ambassadors, in a Rosetta Life – Garsington Opera collaboration. Composed by Orlando Gough, three dramatic interwoven stories of stroke recovery drawn from the words and experiences of stroke survivors.


Rosetta Life Stroke Ambassadors explore how the idea of the spiral embodies their lived experience of illness. In this film, their own camerawork, lyric writing, singing, dancing and image-making witnesses the two-steps-forward-one-step-back story of recovery from brain-injury. This remarkable performance shows what can be learnt and achieved online, under lockdown conditions and, crucially, the welcome return of face-to-face live sessions when lockdown was finally lifted.

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