2014 - 2018 Stroke Odysseys

Stroke, Creativity and Brain Change

Four consultant neurologists and a Rosetta Life artist reflect on the impact of creativity on the stroke damaged brain’s ability to heal itself – neuroplasticity.  Set against Rosetta Life’s  evolving Stroke Odysseys performance project – 2013-2019.

Stroke Odysseys UK Tour

Stroke survivors team up with professional dancers and musicians to perform themselves in Rosetta Life’s ground-breaking piece.  Choreographer Ben Duke.  Composer Orlando Gough.  UK tour autumn 2018.


6. The Lambeth Sharing

A culmination to the series of creative Stroke Odysseys workshops attended by the stroke performers.

5. Stroke Odysseys at the Barbican

Stroke Odysseys participants perform to an invited audience at the Barbican Open Lab, Pit Theatre, supported by Rosetta Life artists. 8 June 2016

Featured film: Mental Maps (3:59)

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4 Research and Development.


Challenging the stigma and perception of disability nationally.  With funding from the Arts Council of England we worked with our Stroke Survivor participants,  composer Orlando Gough, choreographer Choreographer Ben Duke, musician Sarah Homer, filmmaker Magali Charrier, and singers, Melanie Pappenheim and Elizabeth Mansfield to test the feasibility of developing a performance featuring stroke survivors supported by professional performers that could tour England and Ireland in 2018.  Here some glimpses of the process.

3 Creative Workshops

A window on to Stroke Odysseys creative workshops with stroke participants in Lambeth.

1 Beginnings

The beginning of Rosetta Life’s stroke odyssey

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