Acting as a catalyst for change

Rosetta Life is a group of artists who work with those living with life-limiting illness to shape and share stories that matter through movement, song, image, film and writing.  We aim to transform the stigma of illness and change the perception of disability

This year Rosetta Life celebrates 21 years of delivering pioneering arts projects across a range of health settings.

Participants find voice and re-discover balance in lives knocked sideways by illness. In this process, people can regain self-esteem, reducing the anxiety and depression experienced through illness.  Involvement enables participants to be witnessed and their stories heard and helps contribute to community strategies for resilience.

The impact we make

“Incredibly beautiful… I learnt so much about what life is about because you’ve got such integrity in what you’re saying. It was mind-blowing for me to see you showing what you could do.”

Audience members to stroke survivor performers.
Barbican 2016.

'Stroke Odysseys builds confidence because Rosetta Life professionals focus on ability, not inability.' 

Dr Laura Simonds, Dept Psychology, University of Surrey.

'You’ve got to come out of the twilight, get a new life. The only way this'll happen is through confidence.'

Participant in Stroke Odysseys, 2018
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