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Room2Dream immersive music and 360 film installation

Room2Dream is an immersive music and 360 film installation made by young people across the world, exploring the theme of Home.

Young people from fourteen centres across the world have worked together on a cycle of shared songs.  Through the eyes of young people, we are taken on a journey from Zimbabwe, Rwanda, South Africa, Gaza, Syria, India and Nepal to England and Scotland as they explore what home means for them.

A year’s collaboration between schools, children’s hospices, hospital schools and refugee centres involved creative writing, song making and 360 filmmaking.

Room 2 Dream 2 min trailer from Rosetta Life on Vimeo.

A youth leadership group with representation from all partners came together to write a single shared chorus.  A remarkable score in response to the young people’s poems and chorus has been created by composer Jocelyn Pook.

“The children have never before been listened to so well. The opportunity to make links and forge bonds with other young people across the world has been life changing for our students. They have learned that their voices matter, their creativity matters and they have been able to collaborate in a shared artwork that transcends country borders”
Jess Selfe, English Literature Teacher, Bartholomew School, Eynsham

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