Rosetta Life songs performed at The Songrooms concert, Unicorn Theatre, London, 2006

Daniel 2 (1)

Daniel’s Wheelchair Song (3:44)

Daniel’s sings about life in a wheelchair.

The Cyberjam in London (1)

The Cyberjam

Children from South London share a song with children from South Africa – online

My name is... (1)

My name is… (4:33)

So many children, but what are their names?

55B Kimberley. png

Pathways in the brain (3:46)

Kimberley is severely disabled. She has no speech yet she is profoundly musical in the face serious neurological damage.

54B Drumstick slide


London schools choir support this song from a Harare children’s hospice.


We’re gonna survive (4:34)

Singer/songwriter Sandi Thom sets the lyrics of 16 year old Brilliant Sango from Harare. A song from the front line of HIV-AIDS sung by Brilliant herself.

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