The 2nd version of the musical theatre work co-written and co-performed with four women living with life threatening illnesses and composed by Orlando Gough. Developed in collaboration with puppeteer Stephen Mottram.  Toured to Greenwich Theatre and Marie Curie Hospice Hampstead, Greenwich and Bexley Cottage Hospice and Trinity Hospice London.

42 The Mariners

1. Fanfare (2:16)

Jennie, Muriel, Collette and Glassine decide to defy death and set off on a pleasure trip. But where is the boat going? And will they return?

54U Lifting Collette

2. Under the knife

Jennie describes how her cancer op leaves her feeling – like the stringless puppet of the show.

Adey with Puppet

3. The Puppet (0:57)

What does the puppet represent? Who? Why is she in the show? Who made her? Stephen Mottram explains.

Glassin and family

4. Postcards from Paradise (2:00)

Glassine plans the holiday of a life time – away from the dark winters of cancer. And she will send us postcards.

Mariners at GBCH

5. Renewal (3:37)

Things die… and are reborn

The Mariners in a Hospice

6. Drinking without thinking (1:46)

How can the simple act of drinking require such care and attention? Ask Collette who finds it hard to hold a cup. Composed by Orlando Gough for Rosetta Life’s The Mariners.

Jenny Glassine CR Mariners

7. Wish U were here! (0:48)

Glassine goes snorkelling in the Red Sea, and has an assignation – with Mr Morphine

Mariners at GBCH 2

8. Getting through the night (1:14)

The darkest hour is just before the dawn….

jenny skip x

9. Decisions (0:46)

Should I take chemo? Difficult decisions in hard times.

Thumbnail MS Stories Collette

10. My quiet Niagara (2:56)

Collette once described how MS left her so helpless and depressed that she found it hard to stop crying. ‘My Quiet Niagara’ was the way she put it – so here is her song.

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