The Engine Driver

John Eden’s life of steam, accidents, faith, squatting and much more.

John and sisters

1. A child of the valleys (2:51)

Welsh choirs and cleaning engines.

Guys on track

2. Faith (4:26)

In court for grinding valves and shirking Sunday School. Being an atheist in the valleys. John’s beliefs.

John 6

3. The Accident (1:53)

When John was young engine driver a steam loco ran over his foot and he lost five toes. They said it was his fault. There was no compensation.

John story telling

4. The Squatter (3:44)

John recalls squatting in Rugby in 1947. He recommends it to today’s homeless

John 4

5. Euston to Liverpool (2:56)

Life in the fast track. The sound of steam.

John 2

6. Lessons of Life (2:47)

You’ve got to fight for what you want. Don’t give in to officialdom!

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