The Cultural Olympiad

Rosetta Life projects for the Cultural Olympiad – a programme of cultural events across the UK that accompanied the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2012 Summer Paralympics.

5 Moving being crop

Lucinda Jarrett on The Art of Touch

Lucinda Jarrett explores the role of guided movement and touch in Rosetta Life creative interventions.

11 Dancing on the Wards

The Art of Touch

Lucinda Jarrett on The Art of Touch

Learning to fly

Learning to fly (4:16)

Learning to fly with bereaved children at St Michael’s Hospice, Hereford


Touching (7:05)

Exploring dance and touch with the residents of Cedar Lodge Care Home

Lucia talking about movment at St Michael's

Talking about movement and loss (11.03)

Movement artists and counsellors discuss the role of movement in bereavement at St Michael’s Hospice, Hereford.

19A The Art of touch

Moving into Being (5:24)

If your legs let you down you can still dance with your hands and reach those forgotten parts of living in the process. Rosetta Life at St Michael’s Hospice, Hereford.

Life is another game (1)

Life is another game (10:20)

In July 2012 a small audience in Walsall witnessed a remarkable event in the Cultural Olympiad programme. Life is a Game was a groundbreaking application of creative digital technologies to the world of wheelchair bound young people living with life-limiting illness in the West Midlands.

Tie with cow pie

The tie with cow pie (6:00)

Bereaved young people dance and perform poems recalling the loss of parents and grandparents.

21 Patrick dancing

Please keep in touch (5:39)

A contact dance with Rosetta Life’s Lucinda Jarrett frees Patrick to get back in touch with himself.  Movement unlocks Patrick’s identity.  The power of touch.

20A Sue reflection

From the bedroom to bathroom, passing white owls in flight (5:25)

A remarkable fusion of movement and poetry led by Sue who has motor neurone disease. Reinvents the concept of slow. With Myton Hospice.

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