Rosetta Requiem with Billy Bragg

Songs written and performed by Billy Bragg at Trimar Hospice in Weymouth.


54H Maxine atv the lighthouse

We Laughed (5:05)

Billy Bragg and Maxine Edgington’s No 11 hit song sung by Helena. In Maxine’s moving words: a mother and daughter come to terms with Mum’s life-threatening illness and recall what made them laugh together….

54E Maxine Edgington

We Laughed 1st performance (6:50)

Billy Bragg gives the first performance of the song that went on to become a No 11 Hit to an audience of Patients, Hospice Staff and Volunteers at Trimar Hospice, Weymouth.

54F Filming with Maxine

Maxine on Billy (3:28)

Maxine describes working with Billy Bragg

54G Maxine and her daughter Jess

Maxine and Jess

Maxine and her daughter Jess reveal the intimate background of the hit Billy Bragg song, We Laughed.

Billy Bragg and Lisa Dark

The light within (3:11)

My Guiding Star is by Billy Bragg and Veronica Barfoot, who attends Trimar Hospice in Weymouth. This moving song shows how love endures, when your lover becomes your carer.

Billy at Trimar

My guiding star (4:57)

Billy and Veronica’s song about love and life-threatening illness.

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