Rosetta Requiem songs with contemporary composers

David Matthews

David Matthews on That very breath (6:19)

Composer David Matthews on That very breath ans singing.

Beverley reads her words (1)

Beverley presents (3:15)

Beverley recalls the insights into breath she felt when in Keffalonia – the inspiration (!) of the song.

Beverely in the recording studio (1)

That very breath (11.30)

Beverley has lung cancer. A trip to Keffalonia inspired her to write about breathing. Composer David Matthews arranges Beverley’s words in a powerful piece of contemporary music that evokes the essence of breath.

Robin and John

The angel and the shepherd boy (5:54)

John Story spent his life working in the Cumbrian landscape and attended Penrith Day Hospice. Robin Walker’s song tells of the mysterious helm wind and the motherliness of lambing time.

John (1)

Robin Walker meets the Shepherd Boy (5:20)

Robin meets the Shepherd Boy – who inspired the song

Robin Walker on the Requiem 2 (1)

Robin Walker on the Requiem (3:27)

Composer Robin Walker reflects on the meaning of Requiem.

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