A powerful documentary in 6 chapters about the lives of West Midlands people living at home with life-limiting illness.

Night & Day - 6 Birmingham Stories

Night & Day. An inroduction to 6 Birmingham stories about living with dying. (2:22)

Meet the people who feature in these amazing stories from the heartlands of life-theatening illness.

32C Don't Dwell

1. Don’t Dwell (5:20)

It’s hard not to dwell on the bad hand you’ve been dealt when living with a life-threatening illness. John plays with his planes, becomes a boy again, and gives us his inspiring philosophy

Sally watching MU

2. Behind net curtains (3:44)

More and more of us are choosing to live at home with life-threatening illness – including your neighbour, though you may not know it. Meet Sally and Eve, for whom keeping in touch with the world is the key.

John and Maureen

3. All in it together (8:27)

Life-threatening illness doesn’t effect just the person diagnosed. It touches all our relationships deeply, particularly those we are closest to, who are likely to have become our carers

Strumming my story

4. Telling my story (4:10)

When you are living with a life-threatening illness life may feel meaningless. Self-esteem slips and you are no longer the centre of things. Discovering your personal story, recalling where you came from, or revisiting special places may restore a a feeling of wellbeing and give you a sense of control.

Why me?!

5. Why me? How long? (1:14)

What would preoccupy you if you were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?

The hereafter...

6. The hereafter (7:15)

What happens after you die? Some believe in the traditional heaven. Others are not so sure. People facing death reflect.

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