In 8 Movements

A neurologist and two movement artists explore the art of movement through the lenses of motor neurone disease and neck break.

Michael Bailey

1. In 8 Movements (3:14)

One day Cellist Michael Bailey noticed he wasn’t holding his bow properly. Some years earlier Debbie Graham broke her neck diving into a pool.

D radiator

2. Tendon Transfer (1:31)

Debbie has trialled some remarkable computer aided tendon movement.


3. The Mummy (5:00)

Michael describes how Motor Neurone Disease leaves him feeling like an Egyptian Mummy, helplessy buried alive.

A D freehand, gritting teeth

4. The Robot Hand (1:47)

How electrodes implanted in the muscles of her left wrist and hand gave Debbie hand movement back via a shrug of the shoulder

Combatting the PD Shuffle - Ed and Oliver pacing the Traks 1995

5. Still Lives (6:41)

What is it like to have stillness imposed on you, when you feel you’ve got to move but you can’t?

Debbie Fork

6. The Fork (2:13)

How implanted electrodes wired to a computer on the back of her wheelchair enabled Debbie to pick up and use a fork.

A:D hand on hand c:a

7. Hand Games (2:50)

Andrew mimes playing a micro cello for Michael and shares a lyrical hand dance with Debbie.


8. Learning to Dance (3:29)

Michael can feel his fingers yearning to move as he watches Val playing a Bach Cello Suite.

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