Greenwich & Bexley Cottage Hospice Residencies

Some of the projects from a five year residency.

16 A The Thames Map at Greenwich & Bexley

The fascinator (2:22)

Fran recalls agonising over a special hat for her son’s wedding

24 Things

24 things that would really help (3:23)

The Wednesday Group flag 24 things….. hilarious takes on cancer.

After They've Gone

After they’ve gone (8:55)

Jean and Julia share their hilarious stories about life after their husbands.

Cabbie Peter

The Medallion (10:18)

Peter the cabbie discovers his Jewish origins

The wrong clock

The wrong clock (9:58)

Owen opens his old clarinet box and takes us on his journey of love

The Tunnel

The Tunnel (6.03)

The Tunnel, The River, and The Back Alley. 3 poems from Erith.

Birds and bikes and...

Birds and bikes and bombs (9.42)

Albert tells of the women he has loved, the bikes he has ridden and his job taking pictures of the cracks in atom bombs.

32 Things1

32 things you need to know. (2:42)

What you need to know about living with a life-threatening illness – in no uncertain terms!

59 Collette

Envy (1:02)

Collette’s seeringly honest words about the challenges of MS

59A Alec with his Brother and Grandad

Laryngectomy (9:55)

The heart of this little film lies in grandson Alec’s direct address to the audience and this was filmed by Alec himself. We showed him how to use a cheap DV camera which he then took home. Over the months he kept a video diary of his relationship with Graham and the developing cancer. On the face of things the film is about a larygectomy but we feel that its really about the relationship of a grandchild to a grandparent and the impending death that will irreversibly change things.

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