Dreaming a Difference in Harare

These poems were written by children who are part of the orphans and vulnerable children programme run by Island Hospice, Zimbabwe.  These poems were written in response to the poems of hope and the dreams written by Chadlington Primary School and Dartington Primary School in England and Grizzly Hill school in Northern California.  They have been translated from Shona by the staff at Island Hospice, Harare, Zimbabwe.





I write this letter telling u that I’m in pain

Your death caused me pain

I wish you were alive

I wish to be like other children who play with their fathers

I wish you could buy me everything i want

If you were alive i would never lack anything

I miss you father

Hope, hope

Where is my hope?

I have lost my relatives

I have lost my hope

I am losing hope

I am fed up of losing my hope

I just hope one day

I will gain my hope

I hope to be a jewellery collector

I hope that death won’t be able to take away my hope

I am losing hope

Hope is something I never had

Sometimes I lose hope just thinking of my relatives

I hope will be able to live without my grandmother

I am losing hope

Some children have lost their parents

They still have hope

I am finding my confidence and hope



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