2017 Hospital Passion Play

This ambitious choral project was performed at the V&A Oct 14th 2017 as part of the exhibition Opera: Passion, Power, Politics. Composed by Orlando Gough to a libretto from Rosetta Life for The London Stroke Choir, The Shout at Cancer Choir and Garsington Opera Community Chorus, the opera gives voice to stroke survivors and those without a larynx, digitally integrating short films from hospital wards with live choirs.

Hospital Passion Play, V&A, London, UK. 14th October 2017

Jawad’s dance (4:25)

Jawad (with the glasses) was originally from Iraq, has refugee status in the UK. He speaks Iraqi-Arabic to his family over the phone, but primarily uses English in this country. Both languages have been affected by his stroke. Jawad has a Phd in public health and worked as a Director of Nursing in Iraq. Prior to his stroke he worked as a university researcher in the UK. Jawad lives alone in a London hostel, but has friends locally. He travels independently on public transport, attending a Stroke Association group once a week and a group therapy session at UCL Communication Clinic. Although Jawad can walk unaided, his balance is poor and he lacks sensitivity on his right side.

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