Four films commissioned by Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care to raise public awareness about the impact of living at home with a life-limiting illness.

32 Talking about Death in Elgin

20 Takes on death and dying

Vies on death and dying from the streets of Paisley, Elgin and Inverness


At home with illness (6:03)

Chris Rawlence introduces the film trilogy.


1. The Long Goodbye (2:31)

Meet four remarkable people — Fiona, Gordon, Lucy and Emily. Only one of them is unwell, but all are living with a life-limiting illness, at home. Welcome to the Cook Household, Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire.


2. The Collapse (5.01)

How do you keep your cool when a parent collapses and everyone around you is panicking?


3. Those Damned Emotions (3:30)

It’s obviously a good thing to talk about your emotions, bla bla bla, but what if you don’t want to? A regular dose of CSI might help. But it’s not only children who’d rather not get in touch with their feelings.


4. A Young Life (3:30)

It doesn’t seem fair to have your teenage years blighted by family illness. Who wants to act old before time? And how will your best friends respond?

Fiona thumb 1

5. All Change

It’s hard when illness prevents you from being the wife and mother you want to be.  Or the husband.  And what about the daughter?  Is she allowed to rebel, just occasionally?

Fiona's favourite cemetery

6. Hospice (2:48)

Hospice is one of those words most of us don’t want to hear. It suggests other words – like terminal, incurable and death. Yet for the Cook family the actual experience of a hospice was surprisingly different.


7. Watching me, watching you. (4:03)

Seeing yourself on screen can be embarrassing. But getting personal on camera can make you feel better, and bring the family together

35 Dorothy and jack

8. Diagnosis (4:39)

Being told you have a life-limiting neuro-degenerative illness can be traumatic. It’s tempting to tell yourself everything’s OK, even when it clearly is not. Meet Jack and Dorothy.

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