What we do

Moving in to Being

Guided movement and touch have always played an increasingly pivotal role in our work. With professional dancers and choreographers we are evolving an ethically sound practice that reveals narratives of illness that are held within the body.

Exploring personal narratives of illness and memory

Rosetta Life offers those living with serious illness the creative means to explore personal narratives of illness and memory, and convey these live or online to an audience of their choice. This audience may be a single loved one, the health setting, a theatre audience, or the wider public through the internet. The work is delivered by pairing participants with professional dancers, musicians, songwriters, film makers who offer the creative means give stories substance.

Performing Ourselves

Participatory Performance – “Performing Ourselves” – has become a principle motif running through these creative initiatives. By sharing their story with an audience, participants find voice, and build self-confidence, defying the prevailing social stigma that devalues disability.

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