Our story

Public Performance

From 2004 the work reached out from living rooms and day care centres into public performance spaces: Greenwich Theatre, Hampstead Theatre, The Riverside Studios and Southwark Playhouse, London, Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

The Celebration Event

The celebration event has always been a pivotal culmination to a Rosetta Life residency. Artwork, poems, and short videos made with participants are shared with an informal audience of friends, family and carers. Quite soon an element of performance entered the mix. Supported by professional performers, participants were encouraged to share stories with families and the hospice community.

Rosetta Life Online

In 2003. Rosetta Life developed a significant online presence. A UK Online grant enabled us to expand the work to include 20 hospices nationwide, supplying each with a Digital Arts Centre and an artist in residence who would enable participants to find voice and share stories digitally.

In 2005 DCMS Culture Online enabled Rosetta Life to showcase the work through the Rosetta Requiem.

The Beginning

Rosetta Life was founded in 1997 by a writer and a movement artist – Lucinda Jarrett and Filipa Pereira-Stubbs. Our first projects were small arts residencies at St Helena Hospice, Colchester and St Christopher’s Hospice. The work rapidly grew into an informal network of six hospices.

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